Easiest Way to Create VR Tours

How does it work?

Render or capture
360° images

Use your rendering software or a camera to create 360 panorama images of your project. We have gathered a selection of guides to help the users of numerous rendering engines. If you do not see your software on the list, please get in touch with us via help@theConstruct.co

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How does it work?

Log in and create tours

Log in to theViewer.co, upload your images and use our warp editor to create VR tours with intuitive navigation. The user interface is simple and easy to use, as a result it only takes a few minutes to prepare a tour.

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Video guide

How does it work?

Share and view on all platforms

Once your tour is published, you can view it, share it and embed on your website immediately. Moreover, theViewer VR tours can be viewed not only on the web, but also offline via our Android, iOS, GearVR and soon also DayDream apps.

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Why choose us?

theViewer is built on a freemium model and offers features that are unique in the industry.

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  • Create VR Tours
  • View via browser and on integrated Android, iOS and GearVR apps
  • Share via direct links

Coming soon...

  • Official gallery with a direct link and no sample tours theViewer.co/YourOrganization
  • Embed in your site
  • Customize content to your brand
  • Record sessions and feedback to review later
  • Shared Experience - thanks to this feature you can either follow your clients VR sessions or guide multiple clients through your design from any mobile device
* The list of features is subject to changes, as we develop our platform

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